Weekly Meeting #2: Peace Through Sports

Meeting called to order


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Today’s Topic: Peace Through Sports

Big organizations like Olympics and even our very own Rotary International are using sports to foster peace in conflicted areas.

But you won’t believe what an 11 year old boy — Mac Miller — from Australia has done. Watch the video below to find out more.

P.S. Don’t miss out on the part Rotary has played in Mac’s initiative.

Your Feedback

Please watch the video above & leave your comment with your ideas about what our club can do for the peace through sports initiative. Note that only comments between July 14, 2017, 08:30 pm and July 21, 2017, 5:00 pm will be considered for attendance.

Vote of Thanks

Today’s meeting topic was suggested by our president Rtn. Akshay. Thank you Akshay. Thank you all for attending this online meeting.

Please find the DG installation invitation below.

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  1. Very interesting and good topic. Good initiative by rotary and proud to be a roterian.

  2. The kid is amazing and his motivation and ideas about spreading peace through soccer is just fantastic and amazing..
    Kudos to him and to Rotary. .
    I strongly believe that sports does bring people from different walks of life together…

  3. Very interesting and good topic ,what a role sports can do. Good initiative by rotary and proud to be a roterian.

  4. Hello my dear roteriyan, nice video, suyog comments is carect, but rotary is taking great initiative for the peace of the sports thank you

  5. Sports are really a source to unite the people bring out the real person within. Thanks to rotary to come forward in a different and innovative way to spread peace and joy in the world filled with different challenges.

  6. Really sports have played a vital role in keeping peace between India and Pakistan to almost 90 percent otherwise war may have arised again and again

  7. Hopefully Relation with Pakistan also improves with Cricket… But match between Pak and Indian cricket team is much more than war…

  8. Nice video , what a maturity does mac miller achieved in this small age . He understood the life and will really be one of the great player in future. I also appreciate R I which took initiative with miller .. good night guys ..

  9. Peace and conflict prevention and resolution is 1st RI Emphasis area and we rotarians can make a difference i.e. promote peace thru sports.

  10. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for putting forward a innovative and motivational vdo. Really a good thing to learn from a 11 year boy with a great thought and pure heart.
    Sports are really a source of spreading good health, a effective tool of developing cooperation and brotherhood among the players. Even our national team of cricket or hockey u see has people from all caste and religion and when they play they are 1 nation. Similarly when they play with other countries it spreads love and peace. We all literally know names of all apponents players even from Pakistan.
    Thats the message.
    Love peace and a ray of hope in the midts of war and crises.
    A good job by mac. We should pramote it from our heart. We can arrange cricket or similar other events to spread a smile on everyone’s face.

  11. Innovative idea of using soccer ball as a means of peace. Such game changing ideas should be used widely.
    Rotary, red cross & other social organizational should encourage such out of box idea & implement them worldwide.

    Nice video & topic selected.

  12. Its something unique that we can Enhance ROTARY through various modes….This video is a perfect expample. & suggestion of Rtn.Mandar can be amended in Nov’17

  13. Hello to all my dear Rotarians.

    Thanks for bringing such nice videos now and then..

    Very nice initiative by Mac Miller.. so to encourage him (and us) can we we arrange a soccer match of Kids, and also adults on Sunday…Which could be great family get-together for sports..

    Have beautiful day..

  14. Sport is synonymous with education and responsibility.Sport has power to restore dialogue.I applaud all the initiatives around the aimed at giving kids the best possible environment to grow in peace.Sport has unique capacity to unite the people. Rotary is taking great initiative for the same.Proud to be a Rotarian.

  15. If a 11 year old can reach out and make a huge a difference, imagine the wonders we can create.

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