Weekly Meeting#7: Understanding the India-China dispute

Meeting called to order


  • Sep 1, 2017: Felicitations of teachers on occasion of teacher’s day.
  • Sep 9 & 10, 2017: Contributory trip to Kaas Pathar. Fees Rs.3500 per adult, Rs.1500 per child. Contact Rtn.Prasad or Rtn.Vyankatesh to register.

Today’s Topic: Understanding the India-China dispute

Over the last few months, the dispute between India and China is on a boil. We keep hearing overly simplified or over the top news about what is happening along India’s north-eastern border.

Recently Doordarshan Sahyadri hosted an interview with External Affairs expert Mr. Chandrashekhar Nene. This is probably the most balanced and hype free educated opinion on the dispute.

Please see the video below and give your feedback.

Your feedback

Please give your feedback about the following points.

  • What is Rotary Action Group for Peace?
  • Give ideas about what our club can do in Solapur. (Hint: The dispute is along India’s north-eastern border)

Note that only comments between August 25, 2017, 08:30 pm and September 1, 2017, 5:00 pm will be considered for attendance.

Meeting adjourned

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  1. Nice subject
    China is growing wid technology and defense system,India should be prepared for both the side of coin ie Trade and war.All Inter trade with china should be officially stopped.In solapur china products should be boycott by spreading awareness.

  2. Nice analysis by nene. As we already now that now the tension has eased off within indian army withdrawal & China promising not to build road. I think tha analysis that jin pin is using doklam issue to divert his political problem in China is the true reason for the standoff.

    I think apart from stopping the use of Chinese product we should make our countries production so strong as to compete with china on global level.

  3. The politics behind the Indo China dispute is beyond understanding of a common man. I belive it would be a good initiative if each one thinks about what he can do as an individual to contribute towards the larger movement. I have started by boycotting China made products as much as I can.

  4. 1) Rotarians are all over world…. in fact they should come over as a nation to be one india, one China or one pakistan…. Rotary as a country…
    2) In fact our club 3132 should plan a trip to china to know what people want and people require….

  5. Mast topic ahe shree nene yni aplyala khup suraksit kele tayni yudha honar nahi he spast sangitale ahe. China cha Mal lokani vapru naye hya sathi rotery ne pryatna karvet Ase Mala vatete. Danywad.

  6. 1.Rotary action group serves as a resource to rotarians,rotary clubs districts by supporting peace work of rotarians worldwide.It was created in 2013.

    2. We at Solapur can become its member online.

    3.Topic of meeting really explains present India China standoff at Doklam.

  7. Our hindustan prime minister has strengthen relationship with other majour country is very good. that fact is very well know to chiana.
    Both country can’t afford war . Chiana is like Barking dogs seldom bite.

  8. I agree with Mr. Nene views. It is more of a posturing. Both the counties can’t afford war. China is indeed baffled with increased India’s global stature, achieved under leadership of our prime minister Narendra Modi.

  9. चीनचा बागलबुआ अन भारताची धैर्यवृत्ती या बाबी जगाला ही माहित झाल्या आहेत . शांतता ही सार्वत्रिक नि सार्वभौमिक गरज आहे,हे जाणणे महत्त्वाचे.

  10. Its Great Ongoing Hot Topic discussed world wide. But, the actual facts are not known to a common person…Really a beautiful subject & informative analysis

  11. श्री नेने यांनी जे विश्लेषण केले आहे भारत आणि चीन बद्दल हे अतिशय सत्य व अभिमानास्पद आहे ,देशाचे नेतृत्व हे चांगल्या लोकांच्या हाती आहे ह्याचा मला अभिमान आहे.आणि बातम्या कश्या हव्या ह्याचे उत्तम उद्धरण दूरदर्शनने दाखवले आहे.

  12. Very nice, informative analysis of current situation between the two countries.
    His words are really a source for real motivation to remove fear of war and also helps to understand the real military power of india.
    Thanks team rotary.

  13. चंद्रशेखर नेने यांचे विचार खरोखरंच समतोल व अभ्यासपूर्ण.

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