Weekly meeting#9: Rain water harvesting using natural topography

Meeting called to order


  • Sep 15, 2017: Charter day celebrations at 8:00pm at IMA Hall. Celebrations will be accompanied with Karaoke and variety talent show by Rotarians, Anns and Annets.
  • Please register at your earliest for the Tirupati District Conference. Contact Rtn. Rajan for details.

Today’s Topic: Rain water harvesting using natural topography

Amir Khan’s Pani Foundation has been doing exceptional work in harvesting rain water in Maharashtra’s drought prone areas. Some of this work has also happened in our RI district 3132 in Marathwada.

In today’s meeting we look at how is rain water harvested using natural topography.

Your feedback

Please give your feedback about how our club can contribute towards harvesting rain water.

Note that only comments between September 08, 2017, 08:30 pm and September 15, 2017, 5:00 pm will be considered for attendance.

Meeting adjourned

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  1. People understand the importance of water only in summer…we should run a campaign in late summer and before rainy season so ppl will understand the importance of water.there is a NGO called WOTER who works on these types methods from last one decade’s…

  2. Nice topic.

    Water is very precious gift to all living beings and everyone needs to do his bit to preserve and conserve it.

    We need to develop a mindset to follow rules and regulations.

    Rain harvesting is mandatory for all new building construction but implementation is not done.

  3. Nice subject. It is very necessary in our entire country. In our district we have very large scope to do this activity. We can think it for our permanent project.

  4. Nice topic jitesh . It is done Complusery while taking permission for construction of building or apartments from SMC. I had done on my sites and also at my house This topic is Releated to my field i know about this .
    पाणी आडवा पाणी जिरवा.

  5. No doubt Rainwater harvesting is the need of time. Only if we save water now, we have chances to be able to use it in our future…
    As everything, it should start from our own home.. I have done it and it helps a lot. ..if we can build water body in our housing societies , it can help collect a lot of rainwater. ..I totally agree with whatever Rtn Gouri has said about the harvesting water in the fields…

  6. मुळात आपली महाराष्ट्रातील सत्तर टक्के शेती ही कोरडवाहू आहे व बाकीची पावसावर अवलंबून आहे. पाणलोट क्षेत्राची माहिती बऱ्याच जणांना नसते जमीनीचीधूप व पाण्याचाही निचरा होतो. आपण तज्ञांच्या साहाय्याने याचे प्रशिक्षण घेऊ व देऊ शकतो. या कामासाठी कोणत्याही जेसीबी अथवा टेंडरची गरज नसल्यामुळे प्रशासन सहाजिकच उदासीन आहे कारण त्यांच्या फायद्याचं नाही पण शेतकरी व तरुण वर्गाला हाताशी धरुन आपण निश्चितच चांगल्या कार्याची सुरुवात करु शकतो . शेततळी हा उपक्रमही चांगला आहे . याच बरोबर तेच तेच पिकांचे उत्पादन घेण्यापेक्षा विविधता आणून जमिनीचा कसही वाढवता येतो घरी अथवा कामाच्या ठिकाणी rain water harvesting करुनही भूगर्भातील पाण्याची पातळी वाढवता येते. आम्ही 20 वर्षापूर्वीच rainwater harvesting केले मध्यंतरी 2 वर्षापूर्वी सोलापूरला खुप कमी पाऊस झाला हॉस्पिटलला आम्हाला दर एक दिवसाआड tanker बोलवायला लागत होता नंतर आम्ही rain water harvesting केले सुदैवाने दोन्हीही वर्षी पाऊस झाला आता 5मिनीट चालणारी borewell motor एक तास भरपूर output देऊन चालते .

  7. Nice topic. Rain water harvesting is very nessesary very importanin those days.Amir Khan and his team has dun a very good activity by PAANi foundaton
    Thank you very much Rtns.

  8. This pattern works mostly in hilly areas. Our area lattur pattern of water conservation is highly effective. We should try to conserve all resources be it water, energy or environment.

  9. We can do rain water harvesting at our roof of house,we have done.

    For fieldwork,we have to consult experts.

    PDG Dr Deepak had done a great work of rain water harvesting in 2015-16.

  10. Aamir Khan has taken a great iniative if such need of the ERA project. his PAANi foundaton has carried a marvellous job in this one year & have made many villages FREE from the thirst of water.

    The true motivator of this event is Dr. Rajendra Singh !

  11. Nice Topic.
    Amir is doing a great job.
    Water alertness and sensibility should be increased by awareness.
    seminars can be taken on topic such as
    Saving water ,
    Using less water while utility.
    Rain harvesting can be also done on small plots.

  12. Hi, great concept of water conservation. Amir Khan and his team has explained its importance in such a simple way. Nice work and something that we should get ready to do.
    Thank you team rotary.

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